At Dawnview High School, we are taking pride in making sure that the health, safety and well-being of all stakeholders is being viewed as our utmost priority.

We also take cognisance of the fact that the country is in a state of uncertainty and the government is imposing regulations to control the spread of Corona virus. All regulations promulgated will be respected.



-School gates will be opened from 07h00 until 08h00.

-The school will use the motor gate and the main gate for pedestrians as entrance and exit points to be controlled by appointed gate controllers. Staff members using cars will use the motor gate entrance and all pedestrians will use the main pedestrian gate to enter the school premises.

-Only people wearing a face mask will be allowed to enter the school premises.

-All staff members, learners and visitors will be screened and fill in a questionnaire before being allowed into the school building. Staff members using cars will have their temperature taken at the small gate next to room A2, sanitized, fill in the questionnaire and proceed to enter the school building.

-Pedestrians using the main gate will queue outside, maintaining social distancing from both sides of the gate, have their temperature taken, sanitized, fill in the questionnaire form and proceed to their respective destinations that will demarcated for them.

-Security provided will continue controlling the gates, screening, sanitizing, and making visitors fill in questionnaires before entering the school.

-Grade 12 learners entering the school before the commencement of lessons will wait accordingly, 12A (West Quad), 12B (Matric Garden), 12C (East Quad), and 12D (Area behind the Tuckshop).

-Teaching and learning will commence at 8h00 until the end of the school day.



-The school will be cleaned, sanitized by a reputable service provider before occupation by the educators, administrators and learners.

-All staff members will be provided with relevant personal protective equipment. Educators will be provided with face shields, cloth face masks and 500ml of sanitizer to be used in class. Educators will keep sanitizers during lessons to sanitize learners entering their classes during lessons.

-General Assistants will be provided with face masks, heavy duty gloves, bar soaps, and cleaning material.

-Assistant Administrators will be provided with the face masks, sanitizers and bar soaps.

-All toilets, staff, male and female learners’ toilets will have dispensers filled with anti-bacterial soap. Bar soaps will be placed in all toilets.

-The administration office block has a dispenser to provide sanitation for all people entering the building.



-Persons whose temperature is 38oC and above will not be allowed to enter the school premises. Learners will be placed in room A2 (Isolation room) and their parents called to come and collect them. Health officials when available will further screen such learners and provide pertinent advice. Parents will be advised to immediately seek medical attention.

-All persons with multiple symptoms will also be isolated and their parents called.

-The school nurse or the collaborative health facility will be called or the NICD toll- free emergency hotline for COVID-19 (0800 029 999).

-Confirmed reported COVID-19 cases will be reported immediately to the department of education.



-Wash hands frequently, always with soap and water for at least 20 seconds;

-Keep nails and teeth clean;

-Refrain from touching eyes, mouth and face;

-Do not share cups, eating utensils, food or drinks with others;

-Sneeze or cough into a bent elbow or tissue, and discard the tissue safely in a bin with a lid, then wash hands immediately;

-Refrain from teasing anyone about being sick (no stigmatization);

-Share what you learnt about preventing the disease with your family, friends, siblings and the community;

-Report honestly to teachers or parents, if you feel sick, and to stay at home.



-The department has delivered the first batch of PPEs to the school.

-All staff members will be provided with relevant PPEs.

-All learners will be provided with face masks

-All people inside the school yard will be expected to always put on a face mask.

-Used disposable masks must be put into the biohazard bags which will be placed at strategic points.



-The school has General Assistants responsible for the cleaning of the school.

-There will be frequent cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as, restrooms, office tables, doorknobs, and shared laptops.

-Extra personnel are required for this purpose and the paying of school fees will relieve this burden.



-The tuckshop should be sanitised before resuming its operations.

-Learners will place their orders in advance before break time.

-Social distancing during collection and purchase of anything must always be observed.

-Educators will monitor learners during break time.

-A meeting to be held with the Tuckshop officer before school reopening to clarify expected COVID-19 Standard Operation Procedures.



-Social distancing will be implemented in all Grade 12 classes.

-The school currently enrolled 108 Grade12 learners. A total of 4 classes have been established to spread learners in observance of social distancing.

-The school currently has 4-5 combinations; Accounting: 15 (1); Business Studies: 50 (1) CAT: 14 (1); Economics: 36 (2); Geography: 56 (2); History: 70 (2); Life Sciences: 41 (2); Physical Sciences: 23 (1); Tourism: 16. Mathematical Literacy has 74 whilst Mathematics has 34.

-A restructured timetable for Grade 12 has been developed by the SMT.

-All educators will be allocated duties including teaching Grade 12 learners where necessary.

-School times during this period will be determined by the revised Grade 12 timetable.



-Grade 12 learners will converge on the West Quad on the first day of schooling

-A welcome address by the principal will be made.

-A presentation on COVID-19 will be made by the Values Coordinator.

-Hygiene Etiquette will be pronounced.

-A revised class and timetable programme will be presented by the Curriculum Head.

-Demonstration on the correct wearing of the cloth mask.

-Discipline expectations will be presented by the Head of Discipline.

-Learners will be dispersed to their classes and the first period will commence.



-The SGB executive is informed about the imminent opening of the school and new measures to be followed.

-The educators will use the main hall for morning briefings to prepare for all the days whilst at school. Staff briefing meetings will be held from 7h30 until 7h45. All should be punctual.

-A bulk SMS method will be utilized to communicate with parents.

-Posters will be placed on all notice boards to communicate daily programmes to the learners.

-All learners need to have a 7-10-inch tablet with 16GB storage memory and 2GB RAM  to access school matters.

-All learners will have emails created for them. It will indicate their (as they appear on the class lists)

-No learner assemblies in the hall will be conducted until further notice. Only emergency assemblies will be convened.

-SGB will have to discuss COVID–19 school strategies with the community for advocacy purposes.




-School Fee Payment: All parents are required to pay school fees as per the School’s Fee Policy. The period we are in requires enough financial support to keep the current number of educators in order to successfully implement social distancing in all the classes. Parents are encouraged to pay directly into the school’s bank account: FNB Account- 51110656241; reference – your child’s name and surname.


-Information on other Grades will be communicated in due course


-Dawnview High School is an old school with water pipes always leaking causing the school to pay high water and electricity bills.

-The school must establish collaborative relationship with the local Health Facility for referrals.

-School fee collection has dropped dramatically.

-Online education has become a necessity and IT resources for educators is a challenge. Only 6 SMT members have laptops and 23 educators have no laptops.

-The school website to be fully operational and communicate important information to parents and the community.

-Timetabling may pose a serious challenge with the implementation of social distancing when other Grades are called back. The school in pre-COVID-19 had 27 classes accommodating, Grade 8: 5 classes with an average of 41; Grade 9: 4 classes with an average of 40; Grade 10: 5 classes with an average of 36; Grade 11: 4 classes with average of 35; and Grade 12: 3 classes with an average of 35. The school has 8 classes unutilised (3.3; 3.4; 3.6; 3.8; 2.5; 2.6A; 2.13; A2.)

-The new setup with social distancing in mind requires extra classes and educators. The school has 35 classes which can accommodate the required social distancing: 23 which can accommodate 25 learners; 5 classes which can accommodate 40 learners; and 7 classes that can accommodate 35.

-Resolution: Grade 8 to have 8 classes, Grade 9: 6, Grade 10:7, Grade 11: 5, Grade 12:4. In total we require 30 classes.

-Our timetable required learners to move to the classes. COVID-19 Standard Operation Procedures disallow learner movement at school. Educators are expected to move to classes.

-Installation of whiteboards in unused classes in preparation for the accommodation of other Grades.

-Installation of a white board in the Main and Gym Hall.

-The school is still to identify staff members with co-morbidities.

-The school has no control over learner transport. Our learners use privately arranged transport, metro buses and some are dropped off by their parents.

-Incomplete Term 1 cycle tests


God Bless Dawnview Family


Mr M. Kolokoto