School Fees 2020

Dear parents




You are hereby notified of the following important matters regarding the payment of school fees:


  1. At Dawnview High School Annual General Meeting of the Governing Body held on the 9th of November 2019, the school fees for 2020 were determined in accordance with resolutions and proposals put forward and voted on by the majority of parents present in accordance with Section 39 of the South African School’s Act of 1996. The school fees for 2020 will be R 9 000.00 or R 900.00 over 10 months. School fees paid in full by the end of March 2020 will be discounted by 10%. The amount due will be R 8 100.00. This figure excludes textbooks/workbooks, excursions, extra-murals and tours. Textbooks issued to learners by the Department of Education remain the property of Dawnview High School and must be returned to the school, in good condition, at the end of the fiscal year. The parent and / or pupil are liable for any lost or damaged textbooks and must reimburse the school R 300.00 per textbook for the replacement value of the textbook(s).


  1. A registration fee of R 950.00 is payable by all parents before the end of December 2019. This will be part of the 2020 school fee.


Please note that the school looks to both biological parents for the payment of school fees, irrespective of whether they are single, divorced, separated, remarried, married under customary law or otherwise. Parents with pupils in Grade 12 in 2020 are requested to settle the school fee account by the end of October 2020.


Immigrants shall pay the entire school fee amount in advance on registration.


  1. Dawnview High School is categorised a “Fee Paying School” in terms of the South African School’s Act of 1996. All parents are obliged to pay the prescribed school fees in terms of Section 40 of the South African School’s Act of 1996. Parents of children residing outside the feeder area of the school will not be granted exemptions.


  1. School fees must be paid using any one of the following options:

OPTION A**               R 9 000.00 per year (R 900. 00 over 10 months).

OPTION B**               R 9 000.00 less 10% discount (R 900.00) = R 8 100.00 if

                                   paid before or by the end of March 2020.

OPTION C**               Debit order system.



Please note that Dawnview High will be closed during the December school holidays. Parents paying school fees during the December school holidays are requested to pay directly into the school’s account, at:



Account No: 51110656241; Branch Code: 250142


N.B. We encourage parents to make payments at the bank using bank details above. Please state the full name of the child and class or use account number allocated to you as reference.


Proof of payment must be emailed to’’ or send to school with the learner in the New Year.


We urge parents to opt for the debit order system.


Receipts with the school’s emblem and logo will be issued when payments are made at the school.


  1. In terms of Section 40 and 41 of the South African School’s Act of 1996, the school employed the services of Education Credit Control Management (PTY) LTD to help enforce the payment of school fees unless if a parent has been exempted from the payment of school fees.


  1. Exemptions:

Parents who wish to apply for exemption from the payment of school fees, in part or in full must collect exemption forms from the finance office, complete the forms and return them before or at the end of March 2020. Necessary documentary evidence will be required for the application to be successfully processed. Details of both parents must be provided and it is not the responsibility of the school to locate the whereabouts of other parent who is not showing interest in the education of the child. A response will be given to parents after the SGB has processed submissions. Both biological parent’s details must be indicated in the exemption application form, irrespective of whether they are not married, single, divorced, separated, remarried, and married under customary law or otherwise. Fraudulent applications will be reported to the police.


  1. Parents need to keep the school informed of any change of address, telephone, cell-phone numbers, marital status etc.


  1. The school will be able to employ and keep qualified and competent additional educators, reduce educator pupil ratio and improve learner performance if all parents adhere to the policy stipulations.