Grade 11 School Attendance


16 July 2020                                                                                                       Newsletter 10/2020


Dear Parents




As anticipated, the COVID 19 Pandemic has seriously impacted on the operational requirements of all schools. Considering the fact that the Grade 10 learners are due to return on Monday, the 20th of July, and in order to comply with health and safety measures as prescribed by the government, the School Management Team have decided to adopt a rotational timetable system whereby the Grade 11 learners will be required to remain at home from the 20th to the 25th of July so that we can facilitate the return of our Grade 10 learners. All Grade 11 learners will however be expected to continue with on-line learning as developed by educators at the school. If your child has yet not subscribed to Google Classroom, kindly follow the following guidelines and procedures as outlined. Grade 11 learners will resume contact learning at school on the 27th of July 2020.


Parents will be timeously informed if Grade 10, 11, and 12 will be required to attend classes simultaneously, or whether a rotational system will be used. Furthermore, take note that Grade 12 learners will be expected to attend classes every day, unless external factors result in the school being temporarily closed.


“There comes a time in the affairs of a country when, in the face of the most formidable of challenges, its very existence as a nation is put to the test. The human spirit holds strength beyond measure. This too shall pass.” — President Cyril Ramaphosa.


 Yours in Education








Covid-19 has forced upon us to adopt digital teaching and learning approaches. Parents are expected to provide their children with digital financial support to overcome the challenge. We are introducing ‘Google Classroom’ requiring the cooperation of parents and learners.


Opening a Dawnview High School google education account. Android devices

Go to settings on your Android phone or tablet. IPhones and ipads follow similar instructions.
Go to Users and accounts
Choose add new account
Choose Google account
Authorize with your screenlock password if you have screenlock
Enter the email address which looks like this :, this information is available from the homeroom teacher.
Enter your password, which is available from the homeroom educator.
Now you are ready to install the following from Google playstore
Google classroom
Google drive
Google slides
Google docs
Google chats
Google meet
Instructions for Google classroom.
Go to play store
Search for Google classroom App
Download and install
Open Google Classroom and sign in with the email address you have just created.
Choose your role as student.
Continue and your classes will appear
Choose join.
You can also ask your teacher for a class code if the class is not appearing.
In total you will have 7 classes according to the subjects you are doing.